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Supporting Her Empowerment: Resilience, Inspiration, Skills, and Education for Success

front cover over she rises ebook
she rises supporting her empowerment

A starting point to what Intersectional Feminism is and how it intersects all aspects of those who identify as a woman.

Overall, building resilience, inspiration, skills, and education is key to empowering girls and women to advocate for intersectional feminism. It requires a holistic approach that addresses not only the specific issues they are advocating for but also their personal and professional development as advocates.

The desired outcome of holistic approaches is to support the personal and professional growth of advocates, while also addressing the specific issues of intersectional feminism. By taking a comprehensive approach to advocacy, we can create a more sustainable and effective movement for social justice.

back cover of the ebook
ebook back cover

In order to advocate for intersectional feminism, girls, and women need to be resilient. They need to be able to bounce back from setbacks, challenges, and obstacles that may arise in their advocacy work. This includes developing coping strategies, building a support network, and cultivating a growth mindset of Resilience-Inspiration-Skills-Education.

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