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2021 America's Miss Sweetheart National Pageant

Alexia Emuze is an accomplished individual who held the title of America's Miss Sweetheart Virginia 2021. With 8 years of modeling experience, public speaking, and working with non-profits, Miss Emuze is a prominent national speaker on Intersectional Feminism and the founder of NOW Austin. As a woman of color, first-generation American, and college graduate, Alexia deeply understands the importance of informing and educating others about the nuances of intersectional feminism.

Through the NOW Austin Chapter, she has passionately advocated for reproductive rights, economic justice, ending violence against women, racial justice, LGBTQIA+ rights, and constitutional equality during her reign. Her goal with the organization was to uplift women and individuals identifying as women while raising awareness about their intersectional issues. Notably, Alexia has achieved recognition for her intersectional feminist artwork, winning competitions such as the "Love Your Body Poster Contest." Her remarkable accomplishments have been featured in Austin Voyage magazine.

In 2021, Alexia Emuze made history by becoming the first black America's Miss Sweetheart Virginia. Under her reign, she established her platform called Love Body & Soul: Empowering Young Women Through Intersectional Beauty. Throughout her tenure, she has played a pivotal role in uplifting and advocating for women and individuals who identify as women through impactful public speaking engagements, rallies, and collaborations with various organizations.

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