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The image is a head shot of Alexia Emuze Miss Texas. She is smiling, wearing gold hoops with wavy hair
Image of Miss Texas in her sash wearing a red dress smiling with her right arm on her hip. The women in the image is black with curly black hair
Image of a women holding Miss Austin and Miss Texas sash in a red dress

Alexia Emuze, the reigning America's Miss Sweetheart Texas 2023, previously held the esteemed title of America's Miss Sweetheart fourth runner-up at the national 2021 pageant. With a strong background in modeling, public speaking, and nonprofit work spanning over 8 years, Miss Emuze is an influential national speaker on Intersectional Feminism and the founder of NOW Austin. As a woman of color, and someone who is pursuing her Master's in Legal Studies,  Alexia possesses a deep understanding of the importance of informing and educating others about the nuances of intersectional feminism.

Furthermore, she co-founded the NOW AUSTIN CHAPTER, an integral part of the National Organization for Women, which was established in Washington on June 30, 1966. Through this chapter, Alexia actively advocates for a range of crucial causes, including reproductive rights, economic justice, ending violence against women, racial justice, LGBTQIA+ rights, and constitutional equality. Her organization aims to uplift women and those who identify as women while raising awareness about the intersecting challenges they face.

Alexia Emuze's exceptional talent extends beyond pageantry, as she has won art competitions, such as the prestigious "Love Your Body Poster Contest," showcasing her captivating intersectional feminist artwork. 

In 2021, Alexia Emuze made history by becoming the first black America's Miss Sweetheart Virginia and again as America's Miss Sweetheart Texas 2023. As the current America's Miss Sweetheart Texas, she has launched her platform called SHE RISES, dedicated to organizing workshops and inviting speakers who promote Supporting Her Empowerment: Resilience, Inspiration, Skills, and Education for Success among young women and girls. Throughout her reign, Alexia has continued to actively uplifted and advocated for women and individuals who identify as women through impactful workshops, podcasts, public speaking engagements, rallies, and collaborations with various organizations.

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